This post contains pictures taken by Jake in 2007.

I have chosen clouds,because they have such unique beauty

.This grain elevator is located just 3 miles east of Morden,the town I live in.


I have no location for the next three images,just turn you eyes to the sky and enjoy them.


Hello to All

I am new at Word Press.This post is sort of a trial run.

I will add a few pictures,just to see how it works.



This is collage of my garden flowers.


Here is another collage I made,also using images of my flowers.

This picture was taken just north of my little town.

I later added the Bible verse.

I captured this beautiful sunrise at the school bus compound,one wintery morning.

I used my little point and shoot Canon camera for this.

The final image for today ws taken by my late husband,many years ago.

This one was originally on a slide,but was scanned onto the computer.

This is perhaps one of my favourite flower images which he took.